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AGR System is the best available solution to support Exploration!


AGR System technology brings new quality of your Exploration!

AGR System is an up-to-date Solution!

With the AGR System you are keeping abreast of the times and using the entire opportunities and achievements of modern telecommunication and computer technologies, high-end equipment and hardware.

AGR is easy to use!

User-friendly and intuitive interface is one of the numerous advantages of the AGR System. Thoroughly elaborated logging template is ensuring smooth and efficient logging by Operators.

AGR is your money's worth!

AGR System is a tool to effectively and considerably minimize the time gap from the point when you are setting a task to the point where you are getting actual exploration results, which is about both the significant cost saving and decrease of risks.

Special Features

Business transparency and efficiency

AGR System is ensuring an absolute transparency and maximum efficiency of your Exploration.

Rapid and effective management of exploration activities

AGR System enables immediate control of exploration process.